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"The Real Estate Industry's Dirty Truths Exposed & How You Find The Right Home At The Right Price And Set Your Family Up To Be In The Best FINANCIAL Position Possible" (it's NOT what you think)
Yes! I'm ready to learn how to be in the best position possible when the time is right to buy a home, learn the best methods for finding a lender and avoid being charged inflated interest rates, plus how to avoid over paying for a home and being house poor!
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  •  Why you MUST be an equity buyer versus an emotional buyer and avoid over paying
  •  What the best way is to find the home of your Dreams
  •  How to have lenders begging to help no extra cost to you
  •  Why the average real estate agent has no idea how to help you
  •  How to make sure you're dream home is EXACTLY what you expected and has NO HIDDEN suprises
  •  Most IMPORTANTLY a FREE consultation with one of Today's leading real estate authorities (goal by the end of the consultation is to have a game plan for you and your family to be in the home of your dreams in a time frame that's acceptable to you, also showing you ways to boost your credit, save for a down payment, or find free down payment money and so much more!
I Also Understand that When
I ACT NOW (and book my consultation), I Also Get...
  •  Bonus blueprint: "How to Save over $60,000 on your next Mortgage
  •  Bonus Video: "How to Buy A Home and get your Real Estate Agent to work for you, not against you
  •  FREE copy of our questions you MUST ask any Realtor you meet before agreeing to work with him/her
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(everyone thinks we are nuts but we're changing the real estate industry)
 We are going to change the face of the real estate industry, even if that means meeting and chatting with one home buyer/seller at a time.  As a whole the real estate industry has failed today's real estate buyers/sellers.

Did you know that:

78% of Real Estate Agents quit in the 1st year?

The Average agent only sells 3-4 Homes a year?

45% of Agents spend less than $500 a year on professional development & training?

The average agent only spends $89 to market your home?

The scariest statistic of ALL!!
It only takes 72 Hours of class time to get your real estate license.  Kind of silly considering to become a beautician it's 1500 hours.  But helping you buy/sell the largest investment of a lifetime is only a 72 hour class on theory.

Even if we're not the ones to help you buy/sell our goal is to help consumers all across the country understand that there is a better way to buy/sell real estate.  And consumers need to hold their agents/lenders to a higher standard to help guide them through this difficult/stressful & exciting transaction.

Setup a time for a consultation today with one of today's leading real estate authorities and industry game changer!  We promise you won't regret it.

We believe there is a better way to help buyers/sellers & investors in a Real Estate Transaction.

We believe the process/role of a Realtor will become that of an Advisor, someone that can hold you by the hand and explain the different options that are available to you.  Then you, as the consumer, can make the decision that makes the most sense for your family.

The traditional Real Estate Agent is going to go to the wayside as more & more consumers start DEMANDING more of their agent, lender, inspector, title company and everyone else that is involved in the process.

The information age has made the future better for consumers and now as an industry leader we will educate and continue to push the boundaries of how we should be helping our clients in a real estate transaction.

We need your help...please like our page, follow us on facebook, youtube & instagram and register to speak with us.  It doesn't matter where you are in the world, our consultation takes place over the phone & computer and we guarantee  you will be in a better position to help buy or sell your next home.

Changing and industry that has deep pockets and one of the largest lobbying groups in the United States is going to be difficult.  We are making headway, and we can speed that process up with your help.  Reach out today.

If you're thinking of a career in real estate and realize you want to be more than mediocre reach out today and we'll see if you're a good fit to join us on our mission to change an industry.
The future of real estate MUST change!  The problem is the industry is O.K. with mediocrity.  But considering this is the largest investment most people will ever make, we have to do a better job education the consumer (that's YOU!)  

The problem is nothing will change unless you start using your voice.  We are meeting with dozens of people daily and spreading the word, but we need your help.  Help us get the word out that their is a better way.  Setup a consultation today and see the difference.  The average real estate agent and lender today barely know enough to help educate you and your family as to what is best.  They want to make a sale and move on.  While we ultimately want to help people buy and sell because that's how we make a living, we want to and MUST change this industry for the better.

Our promise to you is simple:  If now is the right time to buy, we will show you the best way to go about that and avoid making any costly mistakes.  If it's not the right time and you need credit repair, maybe you're only going to be in the home a short time, or if we think the house of your dreams isn't right...we will tell you!

What I need from you, even if you don't setup a time to chat with us.  I know we call it a consultation, but it's really just a conversation about what your hopes, dreams and desires are in a home and what the best way is to go  about that.  Anyway, what I need from you is to promise me you won't settle for mediocrity in this business, use your voice with the Realtor you choose to work with and hold him/her to a higher standard.
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